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Welcome to our new website and news blog!

Well, I am so happy to say that we are heading into our second year of business! It was time to create our very own website and blog; social media has offered an exciting and free starting point but it is definitely time to grow. Over the next few weeks we will be adding our online menu and ordering page including online payments, pick-up, and delivery options.

I am getting excited for the new season of growing and harvesting botanicals to craft our 2019 seasonal tonics. I already have packets of seeds spread out over the kitchen table at home, trying to choose which plant babies we should grow this year in our limited garden space. Over the winter we moved production into the fantastic People's Soda fizzery, a perfect space for brewing and hosting our seasonal tastings.

As I continue to grow our tiny family business and learn so much along the way, I keep referring back to my original vision. I needed to create a way to make a living and I wanted to do so in a fashion that was regenerative, collaborative, and reciprocal in every sense. I had to figure out a way that would be what I have come to call "life-centric."

I wanted to develop a business model that was life-centric and reciprocal, placing community (including these lands) over competition and exploitation. In this time of massive over-consumption of resources and degraded, mismanaged ecosystems, I knew I needed to create an intelligent model that nurtured life and reciprocity. I turned my back on business models that exploit peoples and planet no matter how well-intentioned. As a bit of a natural recluse, I already feel a respectful bond with the beautiful Okanagan lands. I did not expect that connecting with and developing relationships with local organic farmers, beekeepers, land stewards, not to mention my supportive retailers and collaborators, would foster such a sense of belonging and community that I never felt in the 9-5 grind as an employee.

It feels good to know while I'm crafting the herbs, fruits, and honeys of the Okanagan into sweet and tangy elixirs, that my community gets to access the nutrient dense benefits of our local wild and weedy plants. I hope that our potions and our passion for land stewardship inspires our patrons to develop closer bonds of reciprocity with the land and plants around us.

Looking forward to sharing more as we continue to grow and develop in our second year of business.

All the best,


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